Rawlins Academy


Rawlins Academy is at the heart of the local community.

Rawlins Academy is a long established school in the village of Quorn, Leicestershire. It takes great pride in being at the heart of the local community, sensitive and responsive to the needs of the local people. Built in the 1970s, a swimming pool at the school had fallen into disrepair. We worked alongside the Academy to transform and develop this area into a fantastic new Activity Centre available to all.

The Challenge

When we first became involved with this project the swimming pool area was completely unusable. It was fairly grim, with contaminated water coming up through the ground into what had been the swimming pool. Working in close collaboration with the Architect, Design Team and Structural Engineers, our role was to plan, manage and actively oversee the full Mechanical and Electrical refurbishment of the entire building. We were also contracted to undertake work on the boilers serving the main body of the school. These were over twenty-five years old so a complete strip out was the first requirement. We then installed new energy efficient boilers, pumps, controls and hot water calorifier.


The Outcome

The new ‘Deep End Activity Centre’ was opened in Spring of 2016. The centre provides a multi-use community sports, health and physical activity space. What was a completely desolate area of the school now gives everyone the opportunity to take part in many sporting activities, fitness programmes, yoga sessions and martial arts.

It’s a fantastic transformation and we are delighted to have played our part in helping the locals get in better shape.